KREM is beyond seasons and trends. it’s about minimalism, quality, versatility and sustainability. 
and it adds a little twinkle to it all. 

krem clothes are made of natural & certified fabrics and are manufactured in Poland.
all of it to make beautiful and ethical fashion.


KREM is made in Gdańsk, right by the coast of the Baltic Sea.
Shells and sand, blue and indigo sky, stormy waves and morning
mist are moody and inspiring.

The production happens at Atelier Modern which is a big part of our sustainable chain.
Ethical production is just as important as the fabrics or accessories
we use in krem pieces. Moderns meticulous approach and fair
working conditions they provide were key when choosing
a manufacture for krem.
From creating the first prototypes to sewing the whole collections, Moderns team is attentive and creative and krem clothing made
with attention to details.


when choosing the fabrics for krem pieces we look beyond their colour, pattern or structure.
we care about the ones making them, the ones wearing them and about the environment.

choice of natural & certified is…natural.

  • organic COTTON

    is grown, harvested and proceeded in organic and sustainable manner.
    all substances used for its production are natural - there’s no use of chemical pesticides or toxic dyes. instead it’s treated with whey, citric acid or manure and plant based colouring.
    it’s safe for your skin, harmless for the environment and for everyone involved in its production process.

    is soft but durable, natural, breathable and antiallergic.

  • TENCEL™ Lyocell

    is made of wood cellulose - raw material derived from certified and responsible forestry and treated with only non-toxic solvents.
    all substances used in it’s production process are reused and then biodegraded or composed at end of their lifecycle, and usage of water and energy is minimised which makes it one of the most sustainable fabrics.

    is absorbent, breathable and it’s know for its gentle feel and versatility.



Global Organic Textile Standard is globally recognised as the highest standard for textiles made of organic fibres.

It sets strict sustainable, ethical and social standards for the whole supply chain and each step of a production process – from  seed to  finished product.

GOTS requires a use of only natural and non-toxic substances – like beneficial insects instead of pesticides, garlic or citric acid instead of chemical fertilisers or plant-based dyes – during growing and processing a raw material into a fabric. It also focuses on using more of rain water than irrigation and saving energy. 

On top of that GOTS is strong on providing ethical and fair working conditions to all makers involved in the process. 

find out more about gots:


LENZING™ innovative by nature, best standard for cellulose-made fabrics. 

Lenzings fibres are made from wood cellulose derived from FSC® certified responsible forestry and processed with unique resource-conserving technologies.

LENZING™ guarantees the process of manufacturing cellulose into fibres to be responsible and harmless for people and environment. Non of the toxic substances are used and their carefully created closed-loop system of production saves and recovers water, energy and solvents.

LENZING™ fibres used to create fabrics like Tencel™, EcoVero™ or Modal™ are the highest sustainable standard for cellulose-made fabrics.

find out more about lenzing™:
and it’s certifications:


OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 is hold by all LENZING™ products.
Certification awarded to products free of substances known to be harmful to our health: dyes, formaldehyde, nickel, chromium, lead or allergens.

Awarded to end products only.